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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Woohooo. I love holidays.

Yesterday was sentosa with khoo sab and kim. It was all good, except for the stinky make shift toilets and the freaking tsunami wave!! Ok, this is what happened. The four of us were playing around in the water. And the water level was like bout.. Up to our chest areas la. Sab and khoo had enough and went back to the deck chairs. So it was just me and kim left fooling around in the water when suddenly this HUUUGE wave came in. I swear it was freaking freaking big! It brought me all the way back to shore when the second big one came in. I got up from the sand to find that my sports bra had rolled up like a rotini, exposing my tits! Embarrassing like fuck! Lucky thing only kim saw. Khoo saw a bit too, from far, thank god. There I was so traumatised and there she was pointing at me and laughing non stop. While she herself was being swept in the wave, she could still scream 'Tsunami! Tsumani!'. So cute la babe.

The girls were so excited about shopping at harbour front centre after tanning while sab and I on the other hand, never heard about that place. The place turned out to be boring so we headed to town and sat on that freaking vibrating (haha babe!) bridge talking about the old times. Sigh, those were the days huh.

I miss everyone in our group...