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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

When love seems like a stranger all over again,
and you know you cant fight the feeling you feel within.
When tears are running down your face at night,
and to make it through just a day you fight with all your might.
When waking up seems to have no purpose,
and you lay there thinking of what you know you miss.
When all your strength has turned to weak,
and you dont know what to say, feel, or think.
When you feel all alone when your in a crowded room,
and you just pray that this will all end soon.
When you feel the depression of love from the pain it cost,
and you dont want anymore except for the things in which you lost.
When questions you've never thought come rushing through your mind,
and you wonder in your heart "will this love again i find?"
When you put away the evidence of the happiness you felt before,
and you talk aloud crying you cant handle anymore.
When you sit by yourself wondering what could have been,
and you ask yourself why couldnt you have changed then.
And when you ask why with pain to the one God above,
only then you wonder why it took so long to realise you were in love.

Michelle Khoo