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Thursday, March 17, 2005

a lil note to everyone who played a part in my damnnnnn bored now la.ahaa

baby: thanks for being that cute bu that u are.doing stupid dance moves and saying stupidly funny thing.thanks for making me feel so comfortable with u.i love u

yip: thanks for listening to all my shit.more wolverine games??? hahah.

denise: thanks ah for being so tall and make all of us seems so short!!!!!!!!but thanks for ur macdonals coupon and for that night.

sam: thanks for that night too.thanks for sharing ur ciggs.hahaaa

nick: thanks for listening to my shit all the time,for ur ciggs,and sharing cab home with me so i only pay half,and sharing ur mp3 when we're in the bus.

sab: thanks for ur wisdom.

dee: want to disappear for how long!??!?!?!!? but still,thanks for all the drinks at ur up soon!!!!!!!

ck: happy birthday darling!!!!!

huiyi: our damn stupid quarrels in sec1.hahahahhaaaaaaaaa.but still,ure one nice friend to have.will u eat more???

rae/jo: u both come under one name because u both are inseperable!!! damn sweet together la u both...thanks for the car rides,and the good times.

nicholas/derick/camel : thanks for making slacking sessions so much more fun

joanna tan: my neighbour from k2.thanks for barbie doll tinmes to throwing fart bomb into our neighbour's house to sharing clothes to sharing ciggs.

amanda tan: my friend from primary 1. although we hardly even talk after sec4, i will remember u..of coz i will rmb u..after the vodoo shit and all.hahaha...

sara: wah lau sara.never change u know u from primary 1 until now.unending number of hot la u.thanks for the friendship.catch up soon.

jack/fhai/selwyn/weng tat/willie:u guys make rp so much more fun.thanks for teaching me how to play dota properly.hahaaaa.

sophia/sheena/geraldine/jaclyn: thanks for everything.from ur advices to ciggs.i will miss sitting outside school for 2 and a half hours talking about all 5 of us got let's see who gets married first.

leann/saph/nan bin/phae: thanks for making our sec 4 class a much more fun place.i like to hear u guys bitch.ahhaha..

ryan: i cant believe im still talking to u after all the shit that u did.but im glad i did, see what great friends we've become.thanks for being that funny shit that u are.

marc sim: brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...u are the best la.but can u stop calling me in the morning when im on holidays????hahaaa..thanks for the man u jersey.and for accompanying me when i dont feel well.

riwei: although we dont talk anymore,ure someone i still care about.thanks for teaching me math during o levels,and for the ciggs,and letting me go over to ur place when i have nothing to do in the middle of the night.

joshua ong fu ling: bloody asshole.go cut ur hair la..damn sorry for the shit ive caused u!!!!u have no idea how guilty i feel.

timothy tan: u were shorter than me in sec1 !!!!!!!! hhahaaaaaa...we have to catch up soon!!

if ive left out any sorry!!!!!

Michelle Khoo