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Thursday, March 24, 2005

It is 9.43am. I will be sitting for the second paper later and I've not covered every lecture yet neither have I memorized shit. But I am glad to say, after one whole semester, this morning, I finally understood what all the different gates stood for. BUT WHAT IS THE USE RIGHT!

Thank God for supp papers.

I cannot wait til Saturday. I've made so many plans already. I am gonna help babe paint her room and go tanning and work and work so I can shop and shop and book a hotel (hopefully?) AND GET FUCKED FOR MY RESULTS. Ahya enjoy first, kena later. Life is short.

You know, it's funny. Just a few minutes ago while going through the lecture notes, I had a whole entry typed out in my head. And now I can't remember what I wanted to say.

I mentioned in the last entry that I miss so many people. And I really do! I miss nicole desker (burn stamford cafe!) I DON'T miss sab (cos I saw you yesterday! Just kidding haha.) I miss goh huiyi. Michelle Khoo. Sandra Lim. Pisai. Amanda Lam. Ricco Alam. My Mum. Nathan and Aunty Mary. (In no particular order yeah.) I MISS SO MANY PEOPLE. Those I missed out doesn't mean I don't miss you. It just means that I have short term memory.


I should get back to work.