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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Woohooo. I love holidays.

Yesterday was sentosa with khoo sab and kim. It was all good, except for the stinky make shift toilets and the freaking tsunami wave!! Ok, this is what happened. The four of us were playing around in the water. And the water level was like bout.. Up to our chest areas la. Sab and khoo had enough and went back to the deck chairs. So it was just me and kim left fooling around in the water when suddenly this HUUUGE wave came in. I swear it was freaking freaking big! It brought me all the way back to shore when the second big one came in. I got up from the sand to find that my sports bra had rolled up like a rotini, exposing my tits! Embarrassing like fuck! Lucky thing only kim saw. Khoo saw a bit too, from far, thank god. There I was so traumatised and there she was pointing at me and laughing non stop. While she herself was being swept in the wave, she could still scream 'Tsunami! Tsumani!'. So cute la babe.

The girls were so excited about shopping at harbour front centre after tanning while sab and I on the other hand, never heard about that place. The place turned out to be boring so we headed to town and sat on that freaking vibrating (haha babe!) bridge talking about the old times. Sigh, those were the days huh.

I miss everyone in our group...


Wednesday, March 30, 2005



Sunday, March 27, 2005


And it feels good to be back. It's been a hell of a ride. The exams, and now, the supp papers. I'm just glad I got through the last week.

And now that I've only supp papers to prepare for, let the party begin!

Now let's see what I have planned and waited a million years for.
Tanning at sentosa.
Cause it will lead to SHOPPING.
(But somehow, there's not much NICE things to buy anymore.)
Or an amp. (Yes, we haven't bought one.)
Sleeping in.

I Can't hardly wait!

As for what's been happening, not much really. OH SAM HAS A NEW PUPPY AND ITS FREAKING CUTE!

How sick can a person make you feel? Kindness does not pay you shit.


Saturday, March 26, 2005





Michelle Khoo

Thursday, March 24, 2005

It is 9.43am. I will be sitting for the second paper later and I've not covered every lecture yet neither have I memorized shit. But I am glad to say, after one whole semester, this morning, I finally understood what all the different gates stood for. BUT WHAT IS THE USE RIGHT!

Thank God for supp papers.

I cannot wait til Saturday. I've made so many plans already. I am gonna help babe paint her room and go tanning and work and work so I can shop and shop and book a hotel (hopefully?) AND GET FUCKED FOR MY RESULTS. Ahya enjoy first, kena later. Life is short.

You know, it's funny. Just a few minutes ago while going through the lecture notes, I had a whole entry typed out in my head. And now I can't remember what I wanted to say.

I mentioned in the last entry that I miss so many people. And I really do! I miss nicole desker (burn stamford cafe!) I DON'T miss sab (cos I saw you yesterday! Just kidding haha.) I miss goh huiyi. Michelle Khoo. Sandra Lim. Pisai. Amanda Lam. Ricco Alam. My Mum. Nathan and Aunty Mary. (In no particular order yeah.) I MISS SO MANY PEOPLE. Those I missed out doesn't mean I don't miss you. It just means that I have short term memory.


I should get back to work.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Time Check: 10.45am.

I've got about, 1 hour and 15 mins left before I start getting ready.

I yanked myself outta bed early this morning just to do the last minute revision. And I did go through my notes, but found myself using the computer a couple of times (like now). I have to do something about my attention span.

I've gone through all that I should memorize. Ok, not really. But I can't absorb shit no more!! I doubt I'll make it through this semester...

Everybody, pray for me!

On a lighter note, I can't wait for holidays. But then. I'd have to get my results. OH THE HORROR. I'd have to face the wrath of my mum...

I miss so many people... Nick, Amanda Lam, Ricco... So many more. I will catch up once the papers are over.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

a lil note to everyone who played a part in my damnnnnn bored now la.ahaa

baby: thanks for being that cute bu that u are.doing stupid dance moves and saying stupidly funny thing.thanks for making me feel so comfortable with u.i love u

yip: thanks for listening to all my shit.more wolverine games??? hahah.

denise: thanks ah for being so tall and make all of us seems so short!!!!!!!!but thanks for ur macdonals coupon and for that night.

sam: thanks for that night too.thanks for sharing ur ciggs.hahaaa

nick: thanks for listening to my shit all the time,for ur ciggs,and sharing cab home with me so i only pay half,and sharing ur mp3 when we're in the bus.

sab: thanks for ur wisdom.

dee: want to disappear for how long!??!?!?!!? but still,thanks for all the drinks at ur up soon!!!!!!!

ck: happy birthday darling!!!!!

huiyi: our damn stupid quarrels in sec1.hahahahhaaaaaaaaa.but still,ure one nice friend to have.will u eat more???

rae/jo: u both come under one name because u both are inseperable!!! damn sweet together la u both...thanks for the car rides,and the good times.

nicholas/derick/camel : thanks for making slacking sessions so much more fun

joanna tan: my neighbour from k2.thanks for barbie doll tinmes to throwing fart bomb into our neighbour's house to sharing clothes to sharing ciggs.

amanda tan: my friend from primary 1. although we hardly even talk after sec4, i will remember u..of coz i will rmb u..after the vodoo shit and all.hahaha...

sara: wah lau sara.never change u know u from primary 1 until now.unending number of hot la u.thanks for the friendship.catch up soon.

jack/fhai/selwyn/weng tat/willie:u guys make rp so much more fun.thanks for teaching me how to play dota properly.hahaaaa.

sophia/sheena/geraldine/jaclyn: thanks for everything.from ur advices to ciggs.i will miss sitting outside school for 2 and a half hours talking about all 5 of us got let's see who gets married first.

leann/saph/nan bin/phae: thanks for making our sec 4 class a much more fun place.i like to hear u guys bitch.ahhaha..

ryan: i cant believe im still talking to u after all the shit that u did.but im glad i did, see what great friends we've become.thanks for being that funny shit that u are.

marc sim: brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...u are the best la.but can u stop calling me in the morning when im on holidays????hahaaa..thanks for the man u jersey.and for accompanying me when i dont feel well.

riwei: although we dont talk anymore,ure someone i still care about.thanks for teaching me math during o levels,and for the ciggs,and letting me go over to ur place when i have nothing to do in the middle of the night.

joshua ong fu ling: bloody asshole.go cut ur hair la..damn sorry for the shit ive caused u!!!!u have no idea how guilty i feel.

timothy tan: u were shorter than me in sec1 !!!!!!!! hhahaaaaaa...we have to catch up soon!!

if ive left out any sorry!!!!!

Michelle Khoo

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

When love seems like a stranger all over again,
and you know you cant fight the feeling you feel within.
When tears are running down your face at night,
and to make it through just a day you fight with all your might.
When waking up seems to have no purpose,
and you lay there thinking of what you know you miss.
When all your strength has turned to weak,
and you dont know what to say, feel, or think.
When you feel all alone when your in a crowded room,
and you just pray that this will all end soon.
When you feel the depression of love from the pain it cost,
and you dont want anymore except for the things in which you lost.
When questions you've never thought come rushing through your mind,
and you wonder in your heart "will this love again i find?"
When you put away the evidence of the happiness you felt before,
and you talk aloud crying you cant handle anymore.
When you sit by yourself wondering what could have been,
and you ask yourself why couldnt you have changed then.
And when you ask why with pain to the one God above,
only then you wonder why it took so long to realise you were in love.

Michelle Khoo

Friday, March 04, 2005

oh ya

thanks yip,sam and denise for being there for me.

sam&denise,seriously,i dont know what i would have done if u guys didnt keep me company.although it was only 2 hours,u guys seriously helped to take things off my mind.u two have really been a great help.i have no other way to thank u.but seriously,thanks.

i know these past 1 year plus i havent been spending much time with u guys like last time because im out with tim.sorry.i juz enjoyed his company so much i wanted to be with him all the time.but its not that i dont enjoy ur company.

nick will u walk me back evertime i go back with u guys?im so used to someone always walking me back,ill never get use to walking back by myself.

can we have our daily conference again?
can we all start going for church together again?
can we all go back to what it used to be?
and can we watch movies together?because right now i dont have anyone to watch movies with and there are so many shows i wanna watch.

ok seriously guys, im so sorry ive abandoned u all for so long. it wont be like that anymore. now u have me all to yourselves. i love u all. havent said that in a long time.

Michelle Khoo

it's over.

never thought it would end so soon.but it was good while it lasted.

dont worry abt me.ill be fine on my own.

thanks for everything

i love u.always have and always will.

Michelle Khoo

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

When class is too boring, or when all else fails.


You Are the Very Gay Winnie the Pooh!

Come on, he doesn't wear pants!
And he's a little too obsessed with Christopher Robin

Hahahaha! It's so funny can..

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I am so fucking pisssssed...

And I've had it. Please don't push it, I don't want any of us to be sorry...