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Monday, December 20, 2004

I'm done with my reflection. Font size 12, Times New Romans, at least 1 and a half pages long. I only realised after I typed out my forced reflection that this was to go into some port folio to be graded. No corrections allowed, this is the only copy. Like what the fuck right. Boohoo. Now I've got a half fuck relfection in my port folio. I'm done with that anyway.

Tonight I have to attend penetential service. Now now my fellow catholic friends (nicole desker, samm....) Bet none of you went right. I called nick immediately after I was told, commanded. By my mum. What am I thinking?! Skipping penetential service. Yes, I don't think I'm going. The crowd. The hours. The confined space with a priest telling him your darkest secrets. No way. As much as I love being a catholic (some times), I don't like confession at all. So nick, CALL ME BACK.

Denise's birthday was good. Even though that idiot keeps saying it wasn't. We all had fun la babe. I hope you did too. The only part i didn't enjoy was the vigorous indian fella and the podium part. Happy Birthday once again. So now my turn to tell you for the next few days... MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING. Spread the word, 30th January 2005 is Michelle Yip's 18th birthday. Hahaha. Spread the love man.