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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I am ALONE again. Thank you very much. I have a long day today. Till 7pm. Bah.

Went shopping in town with my mum yesterday. Shopping with Mum is always somthing I dread. Unnecessary quarrels and tactless comments from her. But I appreciate her for almost accepting me anyway.

I skipped lecture again. Only because I am alone and I do not have the notes printed out. I'm slipping behind from the pack again. Got to get back on track balls. I hate school. Like really. The classmates, the work, the timetable, the disgusting chicken pau. EVERYTHING. And not like we don't have other things to bother about. Disputes, Christmas and the freakin new year ahead. Seems like every new year has got a whole new bunch of lemons to hit you with. WHY. Bah. Looks like I gotta make more lemonade.

Certain decisions need to be made; good ones and bad ones. Some I may not like, some would determine a better outcome for me. Is there even a God?