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Friday, December 17, 2004

Alone again. Who the hell comes to school for class at 9am and then has an hour break right. I am having a freakin stomachache now. I need to go badly but i have no one to help me watch my stuff. Creative writing tutorial was... Lame? I dunno. We had so many characters. A 60 years old homosexual miser, 6 year old Alex who desires ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner, a (fucking sick) 20 smth gay bar tender. And he actually acted the whole thing out when it was his turn to introduce himself. It was S I C K. He's such a fag anyway. I was still in a dilemma at 9.16am. And my turn was next. After the past few days of thinking, I decided to go with the one pisai came up with. Bimbo turn rocker. I'm not sure if I'll do well in this assignment cos I'm really not that comfortable with this bunch of classmates. I think it's just a matter of getting used to in time.

SHOCKING NEWS. I'm not sure if I should blog bout this but when I was told, I had a shock which kinda made me feel sick to the bone. Ok. Let's just call this person Mr X. A seriously wierd fella. A group of us got to know him through school. And he got involved with a friend which didn't end up very nicely. So we all held something against him. And guess what. Now, he's with another girl. Let me put it this way. Man meets GIRL. Almost the same situation where Boy meets world. He's a freakin pedophile! Michael Jackson genre. Ahya, the readers prolly won't get it. But I still cant accept it anyway.

Now playing in my head: Cute without the E - Taking back sunday.
'... And will you tell all your friends, you've got your gun to my head...'

Ok, back to reality. -SCHOOL. =