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Friday, August 27, 2004

ok i am in sch now. decided to blog bout yesterday.
i spent the late afternoon sleeping and then woke up to fix up some stuff to the comp. wanna know something dumb but funny. I just realised yesterday evening that all along, i had a printer. hahaha! bodoh right. i didnt know my photo printer was a 3-in-1 until i read it out loud to my mum when she called back to us. so in other words, i also helped my mum save bout a few hundred bucks. if not we would now have 3 printers. haha come to think of it, its quite funny la.

yesterday. during my lab session. this girl from overseas, zhi mar something. i'm not sure where she's from but she speaks funny. THOUGH she has a pretty sweet voice. its not the act cute kinda small voice but the genuine kind? get what i mean? so ANYWAY. there i was, banging the mouse due to fustration as the teacher was going so fast and i couldn't catch up. this zhi mar something girl leans over to help me about a bit. ditto for myself, i too help her with what i could. so trying to catch up with the class, STILL banging around and getting a lil cranky, i find out that her zip disk was corrupted and she lost EVERYTHING inside. oh my god right. i felt so bloody fucking sorry for her. i mean its like million years (one term la) of work all gone! and she just said to me with a smile, ahya its ok. do again, nevermind. *fainted die. she like so happy she lost everything. it just made me think. if i were her, coming to another country all by yourself and if MY zip disc had turn out like hers, (CHOI CHOI CHOI!!!) i would have just given up. kill myself. shove the the fucking moniter off the table and smile as it crashes into pieces (and then feel fucked up again cos that cant bring the information back). kill myself or smth. i dunno! but i am dead sure that i wouldnt smile and say ok, nvm. cos IT ISN"T OKAY. hmmm. there you go. some food for thought.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

the template thing is driving me mad. khoo, i dont think i can figure it out. guess what i'm drinking?? bet you guys got the answer! but this time its different! i just remembered that the other day when rae was over, we filled the ice tray with coke. heehe. and so, i've got coke cubes! how cool is that??? hahaha. and that jap video!! oh my god! i saw it again today! so bloody funny!! that video is legendary i swear!

new word generated by timmo's brain today. check this out.


*hmmmm, go figure.



ok me and khoo went thhrough shit just to get the pictures right, so pardon us for the irregular sizes. we'll get it fixed. soon. khoo decided to let us use her blog template. (tim and khoo's blog) i think its nice. NICE? NICE?


ok. its a wonderful afternoon. kinda ironic cos its raining. BUT its damn shiok to sleep. and that's what i'll do!

and hello once again my fans! heheee. i've been watching this video clip of these two jap girls singing and dancing. WANNA HOW FUNNY!!! HAHAHA! i've watched it a million times, and i'm still craving to watch it again!!
today. i came back home from sch and played around on the comp. then sam and nick came over. followed by jo. i showed them the video and we were laughing like mad. at least i knew i was laughing uncontrollably. we then went to downtown to play pool and met rae there. we played a lil pool and had a lil changing here and there of our plans. in the end we ended up buying dinner back to my place to catch the last episode of the 9 oclock show on channel 8. NO MORE FIONA XIE!!!! BOOOO HOOOO. on a lighter note, we played a lil mahjong. hehehe.

but on a much much much SADDER NOTE (if there's such a word), i just found out today that the batch before me is the last to be able to apply for a driver's liscence at 18!!! how sad is that!!! Traffic police is giving me no chance. they've driven me to a corner. i will just have to drive without a liscence. mah!


Monday, August 23, 2004

HEY-LOOOOOOOW. just did my lab assignment so thought i'd blog.

this entry is specially for xiaohui and yasmin. my loyal fans. HAHA. its been AGES since i saw you guys balls. i used to see xiaohui in school not everyday, but often enough. and yasmin, once every year. but that's was good enough as well. now, dont even bump into each other. except for xiaohui. rmbr we bumped into each other at my place. was so shocked can. anyhow we'll meet up soon or smth yeah?

it was pretty busy for me and the rest.
on friday. on friday... we... what did we do??? i cant rmbr. oh crap. ok nvm!

on saturday! we had our own private party in jo's castle. she's got a big place balls. i think i could've gotten lost in her house. i swear!! and Molly is the CUTEST please. and moo moo, ugliest thing alive. (haha, no offence jo, but i think you share the same opinion. right??) we drank a bit. ate ALOT. just went mad la, like we always do =) OH. check this out. we are into MAHJONG!! hahaha! had a bit of difficulty getting it. but once i got the hang of it.. that's addictive shit for you bals. we also had our lil own mini illegal gambling den. complete with the gambler's accent and cig smoke. played deathmatch. so funny! i made a rule that hui couldnt talk for 3 rounds. haha. and sam got back at me, made another rule that everybody must ignore me. bitch. but boy it was hell funny!!

SUNDAY. we went over to ck's for her mum's bday. the food was great. and the company too. AS USUAL =) we gambled a bit. black jack. with money this time. i started off with one dollar (sponsored by ck) and ended up with bout 50 cents. i was even bankrupt at one point of the game, so 50 cent's good for me. then we played death match again. this time, sam couldnt talk for FIVE ROUNDS. HAHAHAHA. and then she couldnt smoke for a few rounds. SWEET. hahaha, divine retribution sam! sab also m ade another rule for me. i had to hold on to my ears like an idiot for the whole game. so when i got a rule card for myself, i got back at her as well. *evil laugh. guess what it was?? HEE HEEEEE. the rule was... sab had to put her face right in front of my ass when i needed to fart. HAHA. evil right. evil but GOOD! heh heh. and god knows why, of all days, i didnt have any gas to let out!!! so sad!! it would've been good balls. better than having someone to lick my ass. RIGHT NICK? haha.

so my weekend summarised would be, YET ANOTHER GREAT WEEKEND WITH THE GROUP. love you guys.

back to SCHOOL. bleah.
hope yasmin and xiaohui had fun reading this super draggy entry! =)


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

muhahahahahahahhahaha..finally can sign out.and log in to this hoooooooo.oh n yip i go change e template ugly.

michelle khoo

Saturday, August 14, 2004

i swear this day is damn suey. I SWEAR. i am still fucking pissed. the day didnt start right and neither did it end well. we didnt go to sentosa in the end and thank god. why? because kumar ONLY gave me back 10 bucks. how to go you tell me? i had to top up my ez link card as well. so nvm, we decide to go to town instead. so i used that 10 to top up my ez link and went to tampines to meet rae and jo. and what happened over there. got caught by people from moe for littering. mother fucking asshole matt wanna how sialan to me. i got issued a warning and not a fine cos i was in sch. hopefully, they dont find out who i really am cos i didnt give the correct particulars. and if that wasn't enough, i lost my hp after that. ok sorta. found out later that i left it in jo's car. nvm, went home and got smacked in the face with 'you never this you never that' by my mum. she went on and on on how worried she is about my dressing and how sloppy i am as a girl and blah blah blah.

i seriously need a break. i just want to go live with my aunt for a while.


nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag

why cant you just give me a break and fucking shut up.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

went to meet amanda and tannia and co to celebrate amanda's bday. AND I THOUGHT WE WERE NARSSISTIC FUCKERS. not even! they, take about 300 plus photos each time they go out! poor tannia always gotta bring EXTRA batteries. what the hell right? and i swear, i've never smiled for so many pictures today. this group abuses me. bite me la (ahem amanda lam) and force me to dance lemon tree all. take video all. laughing stock of the day can. but it was a nice gathering.

love to amanda and tannia!


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My happiness.

those not here, don't worry i haven't forgotten you guys.


today was a busy busy day. ok not really. what i did. went for the paper and then headed home. played around with the comp, practiced the reason (we can finally give it a try guys) and slept for a while. then went over to sam's in the evening to study. we had dinner and took a while to settle down due to many reasons.

highlight of the day.
besides the fucking difficult paper, the lizard drama.
that damn lizard in sam's cupboard just want to scare the shit outta us. me and nick, both on different chairs each, held each others hands and used the coke bottle to poke and poke. but nooo, the damn cold blooded shit head not scared know. i think we were more freaked out than the lizard. its soooo... bah, YUCK. don't even know what word to use. we spent like a good half an hour trying to get that thing out. wanna how scary ah. you should hear how we screamed man. fucking funny.

song in my head now:(you guessed it!)
if all the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain it would be....

all sing along!


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

i made a new blog coz i waas so bored in class.dnt think ill use it anyway.

michelle khoo

Monday, August 02, 2004

damn NMM paper 2mor. just realised i dont have a single lecture note. and the tp ole website just want to screw up right now. lucky thing a classmate of mine saved all his lecs in the comp, so i'm gonna have to study by looking at the damn screen. never liked the website from the start.
today's paper was easier than i thought but still, you know me, fucking forgetful ass. just hope what i wrote was enough and relevant. after that went to downtown to meet nick and ck. FINALLY. haven't seen that ass in a long time and she chooses to scare me with the new gothic like eyebrows. (you guys should see it man.) frown, smile, whatever. same expression. had dinner with nickie bickie after she left for work. somehow i feel like nick is my girlfriend. haha, right darling? we together-gether. force her to listen to my jokes but i'm sure you want to as well right?? haha. today was like bonding session sia. ok somehow. ok i feel wierd talking bout nick like that. haha.
hope ole works again. bloody website.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

just got back from a, ok not that long day. went to tuition and then met sam and nick for a while at 24hr. then headed down to downtown to meet carmel and derick. carmel and i were in a bad mood for some reason. for different reasons la. it was bad. we couldn't play pool properly. but it got better la, both of us somehow lightened up.
sigh. i've still got 2 more lectures to go through. and i dont know shit. hopefully jiawen will come over so she can help me out a lil.


its been a looong day. ok not really. woke up, watched a lil of tv and then studied. *applause. not bad right. but only one lecture la. which i have no clue about. then scrubbed the toilet like mad and then cycling! went to 85 to eat ba cor mee. shiok bodoh. decided to visit my grandma for 5 mins. so filial. not much cycling today la. we cycled back to pasir ris to join tiffany and co. haha. you know what i mean la. leona kumar carmel derick lino etc. all of them la. went down to celebrate leona and carmel's bday.

good fun comes with a price. no no, i meant it literally. i lost like 4 bucks plus on the fucking dish, plus sand in between my ass and everywhere else. but damn fun can. imagine this. denise, nick, sam and i rolling all over each other on the dish. oh yeah, plus the 'sleeping-sleeping-fRying-fRying' boy boy. rolled over that poor fella as well. (i still feel sand up my ass.....) as i am typing, denise and nick are on their way home. poor thing. wish i could do smth to like, how to say. ahya forget it. they're so tired, poor thing la. nobody fell down today! oh wait. denise did. haha. lucky thing it wasnt that bad.

parents are out of town next weekend. woohoo! part-eh! ok not really. i got term test!! oh wait. it'll be over by then. but ahya! gotta study. crap. why do i feel so ahma now. ok enough!

*even if i puke, i'll do it all over again.