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Thursday, July 29, 2004



Wednesday, July 28, 2004

This is madness. Nothing is going the way I want it to.

the fucking project. Can you believe that the internet has shit bout deep sea fishing? And the library hasn't got ONE decent book on it.

I purposely search and transfer all the damn pictures into my floppy to do it in the room in comfort. Guess what. My smart father changed the keyboard and the computer cant read it.

I have to pass this damn proposal up on Thursday. And it MUST be bounded. What the fuck right.

those who think poly life is better than secondary school. You're wrong. Its no different!

EVERYTHING is not going my way. mother fuck mother fuck.


Monday, July 26, 2004

time check. 8.23am.

supposed to have tutorial but the fatty didnt come. On MC dunno how to say earlier know. then i can slp in for an extra hour! the whole class is doing god knows what.

we went cycling again. this time two couples joined us. Rae and Jo, Khoo and Tim. that day short distance only la. from pasir ris to tampines and back again. tim so poor thing sia. nick, sam and i were all racing in front (for fun la) then tim's bicycle want to how irritating. i tried yanking the chain out and got my hands all black. it was wedged between the wheel and the.. the bicycle thing. i dunno what is that la. axel or what la. but anyway, nick came and took over and got it out. hard rock bodoh. went home early cos had to get up for the damn NE thing in sch the next day.

denise, jiawen and sam crashed my place after the NE shit. was a waste of time. cooked and MESSED MY BED UP. sam was hyper can. almost like the first hiss-hiss day video-making day. lazed around and then jo picked me up to go to blooie's. free food there, including beer. so cheong only la. nick wanna take how much of the cheese sauce. that was a very good move. why? cos in the bus to cheekys. she suddenly grab my leg and held her chest. i'm like, "ay you ok not? .... AY YOU OK NOT?" moving away a bit. panic already sia. next thing i knew BLEAH. cheebye. the puke YELLOW/ORANGE (sorry, colour blind ah.) wanna fly ten thousand miles can. thank god the seat infront of us was empty. and the guy in front of that seat had better thank god. missed him by an inch. the window kena all, and the seat, COVERED. the smell was... ah grrrng gah. cleaned up at raffles hotel's toilet, (sorry cleaner and users) the smell slaps you in the face when you step into the toilet sia.

BUT WE MADE IT TO CHEEKYS IN THE END =) and left fucking early. 1 plus can. but it was good la. next time la.



Friday, July 23, 2004

sch is so boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i play games in sch the whole day.bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

sch is damn slack coz i hv no my whole 3 yrs.whahahaha.


boo hoo.

anyway,i love tim.hehe.


michelle khoo

ok i'm alone in sch again today. tutorial at 8 and then 2 hour break. i so feel like going home and not coming back can. feel like one of those losers who are always alone, you know what i mean? i dont mean it in a mean way la.

TANG JIAWEN. you leave me alone in school. see i so poor thing. bah. why when ppl like tannia and amanda call me to meet them, i am in class. and when i call them, they are slping at home. what the fuck.

may join them for cycling tonight. got the damn NE forum thing in sch 2mor MORNING. fuck now i feel like shitting.

Help: whoever can help me with deep sea fishing please holler!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

howo dumb can i get. i msged jiawen to skip morning lec so i could slp in an hour longer. but NOOOO. i got the times mixed  up and here i am awake at the NORMAL TIME. tempted to go back to slp but i realised it after i brusheed m y teeth and iron my shirt. what the fuck right. its just like putting facial wash on my toothbrush and then brushing my teeth with it. dont ask. i was fucking sleepy. it tasted really bad.
i end at ONE today!!! dunno if i should go jamming with the rest. got a lot of projects due. actually no la. haha. only got one more but its due this thursday and i havent started shit!!! stress ah stress ah.
ok i shall go do smth that'll keep me awake.

Monday, July 19, 2004 now my aunty is playg mahjong wiv the bitch tt i hate.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh.
michelle khoo

so here i am in the computer lab alone with two other idiots. (i don't know them.) i skipped lecture. i was fighting to stay awake during the tutorial. its a long and draggy day today. i have a break from 1 to 4. and jiawen is still not here yet!
stayed over at nick's on saturday night. mission accomplished. nick, sam, denise and i cycled from pasir ris to town and back. ok not exactly back. we went back to frankel to eat prata first then siglap la. (sab gave up half way. lousy! haven't reach sam's house she want to go home. so we just went on while she cycled back home.) we were not that physically drained out. i thought we would be though. nick want to how clumsy sia. want to fall down ten million times. KLUTZ. (i rmbr someone told me just the other day bout the spelling of klutz...) next day woke up, went swimming and tanning. rae and jo joined us as well. went out for dinner and then sam and i cycled back home.
i want to slp now now now!
something i want to, but cant control. hmmm, go figure.

Saturday, July 17, 2004


Feels good to be home on a cool saturday morning. EXECPT the fact that i made a wasted trip down to changi museum. it was boring man. the only fun thing bout it was that we ended up playing pool at the cafe. so we'll be cycling tonight!! weight needs to be lost. fats need to be burn. to esplanade maybe? my bro told me that there's a concert going on. pretty cool bands will be playing live. and its for FREE. see how la huh? haha!
so yesterday nick and sam came down to pasir ris and we just slacked for a while. was supposed to go over to jill's but i was really exhausted.
i broke one of the many sea shells in my bathroom. the thing is, all the craps for show in my house are my mum's baby. i flushed the chipped piece down the toilet and put the sea shell back in its original place. AND. i'm keeping quiet about it. haha. but it looks like i'm not the only one who chipped it haha! bro came home from camp earlier this week. so i helped him shaved his head. got a lil nervous at first cos there were a few bald patches here and there and it was my second time shaving hair of a head. (the first time was just as bad la.) mum came in and said 'wah why so un....(uneven)'. i quickly gave her that face and she stopped. *phew. In the end it turned out alright =)
ok i am gonna lac suah and then go for tuition and then go CYCLING!!!

Friday, July 16, 2004

about an hour of sitting in front of the bloody screen, i STILL have not gone into the second page of my report!!!!! *zazaza. i need HELP. mental block mental block mental block mental block!!!! 1,2,3,4,5 ABCFHIDE. I am going mad!
i have nothing to say! what the hell can you write for your report on SHOES you tell me. i think i'm gonna give up soon and go to bed anyway.

Anyone who can help me, HELP ME!!


Thursday, July 15, 2004

5 mths nice!!!!!!!

michelle khoo

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

ok. i am in the school library, ALONE. i skipped lecture and went to smoke with jiawen. asked her to go back first cos i wanted to go back to school to shit. but very good. i forgot i had the two vanguard sheets with me. how to shit you tell me. so now i booked myself a pc to kill time. my project mates are still in lecture. so in other words, i have to wait for them to come out for me to go and shit.

my mum left breakfast on the table for me this morning. a sandwich to go. so sweet of her right. msged her to thank her and she replied a big 'you are welcome'.

ok ok i dont really have anything else to say cos in the first place, i'm just blogging for the sake of blogging.

right now, i am feeling: CONSTIPATED. (no, seriously.)


Sunday, July 11, 2004

And i miss you already.

It was heart breaking. seeing her grandpa going 'my baby' and kissing and hugging her. and then not being able to say goodbye to josh the way she really wanted to. didnt get to hug her tightly but i understand. there were so many people she had to say goodbye to. you made me cry on my way home!

my darling pisai. my oh my. i'll remember EVERYTHING we did. from school, to the block near mdm kuan's, then to mdm kuan's, (finally) AT mdm kuan's, back down, and on our way to the bus stop. the dumb things we did and said.

i'll be waiting to do all that with you again.


yesterday we went cycling again. that drained the shit outta me man. but it was good. sam became khookhoo. nick was a fucking clutz. today we wanted to watch spider man 2 but it was all fully booked. so we headed down to 24hour to meet rae jo and sam.

jamming this week again? CYCLING THIS WEEK AGAIN!!! Y E S!


Thursday, July 08, 2004

two things that brought me down today.

the closest friends i've made are slowly leaving me one by one to go overseas to persue their studies.

it hurts to know that a friend thinks lowly of herself.

its not that you are not important that i cancelled the first time. i told you my reason for not being able to turn up. i just dont want you to leave thinking that i dont appreciate you or treat you as a close friend. cos you are. not many can keep such a long friendship going. and i want it to carry on till you get your ass back home. i love you la.

please dont look down on yourself. like i said. you are great the way you are. what you have, i dont see it in many. so please. cheer up ok?

You guys know who you are. =)


Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Narcissists Day.


so we checked out wee lee music centre today. Finally. after all the discussions bout going jamming. it was expensive though. not bad la, good thing tim decided to drop by so we could play at least one full song. jamming again soon right guys. let's work hard. ok TRY. haha.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

ok, just showered. boy was that refreshing. today, nick sam, denise and i had a healthy day. cycled to sam's to meet her then we made our way down to simpang. nick and denise cycled to meet us there too. then went around simpang area. the houses there wanna how big. then went to a playground. then.. then.. oh ya. very good. i jammed on the wrong break using sam's bike and i hit my bloody chee bye bone please. just thank god i'm not a male. ok enough of that. then we made our way down to downtown to meet kumsy and the rest who were karaoke-ing like mad. so right now, nick and denise are still on their way home. i bet our bodies are gonna ache like mad. especially our thighs.

khoo you better dont back out the next time.