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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

physics doesnt seem so nice anymore.maybe its juz e teacher....:(

michelle khoo

Monday, May 24, 2004

bad mood last night, slept early, woke up about an hour later, blogged, talked on the phone, slept, morning wake up, still bad mood.

i cant get over the fact that i lost my mp3!!!! my god. i keep thinking bout it and keep getting worked up. someone just za me now. i dont understand how come mine can go missing when i put it together with my sis's mp3 and phone and MINE can disappear like that. grrrrrrrrr.

za zaza za zazaza zaa zazaza za.

i am gonna meet kumar for lunch and try to forget bout it. and the lucky bastard who took/picked up/whatever my player will get run over by a sbs bus 4 times.


so let me tell you what a great day it has been for me.

couldn't get up for church but did anyway. was damn tired. and then went home. cleaning day so parents were bloody grumpy so followed my sis to kumar's. and i was trying very hard to not fall aslp already. went there, read some stupid book. tried not to fall alsp. walked over to my aunt's to collect something then walked like mad back to my place to go out for dinner at changi village with my family, felicia and aarika. was laughing like mad during dinner but then just beore heading home, i realised i lost my mp3. VERY GOOD. couldnt be any more pissed. dont ask me where and how cos no one knows.

and to finish off, my nose is dripping like mad cos i need to smoke.



Tuesday, May 18, 2004

went for a movie with my bro, my sis, felicia, aarika and marc today. troy. wasn't as bad as i thought.

have been really busy the past few days. entertaining felicia and doing other stuff. she's not at all what i thought she would be like. its easier than i thought it would be. and i enjoy her company. =)

i may be losing my mind. =/


Saturday, May 15, 2004

wat is wrong wiv our blog ????????

Friday, May 14, 2004

so tomorrow, felicia's gonna come and stay with us. in my house. IN MY ROOM. who's felicia. god knows, i dont even know. apparently we've met when i was really small but frankly, i cant remember shit. she lives in perth, she's my mum's cousin's daughter, she's 20 and has the cheek to ask if she could crash at our place. ok maybe i'm just being mean cos i am so not gonna be used to having a stranger in my room. can you imagine what i'd be like??? i cant smoke at my window anymore. it'd be so awkward to talk on the phone with her in the room. i cant do shit!!! fucking cheebye.

its gonna be fun with her rooming with me. =/

so then again, with her coming over tommorrow. will my mum let me out? oh my god this is fucking irritating. ok so let's say i do club and then come home. when i walk into my room its gonna be so fucking wierd!!!

this is not good.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Mrs Yip goes: 'blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. i talk too much i make a big fuss outta nothing i wanna get on your nerves i wanna bang here and bang there blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.'

two minutes later...
Mrs Yip goes: 'blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. i like glaring at you i like shouting at you i am fat i have big thighs and i wanna bang here and there some more and some more and some more until you go deaf blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.'

i am not the only child but i get all this crap and bull from her. ok say, i dont fold the clothes. i kena. its alright, i deserve it. ok and so i DO fold the clothes. i kena. for not tidying up the place. the table is piled with clothes. with YOURS and my BROTHER'S. so now i have to fold the clothes AND put it into your closets? the coffee table's filled with stuff, NOT MY STUFF. i still kena. like what the fuck. the house untidy i also kena. cheebye i am the only child understand. i do my part but i still kena. just because i am the only one who's home and not sleeping i get a thrashing from her.

everything's getting to me. EVERYTHING.
fucking bullshit.


ok im pissed.

the story :

i left my computer power thing in i was like tellg tim abt it..and wat did i get from him 'YOUR PROBLEM'! @#$%^&*(&$#@!#$%^**&^%$..i was already in sucha bad mood and i hafta get this kinda stupid ans.OH SO MAYBE BFS ARENT THE PEOPLE U TELL THINGS obviously i didnt wanna talk to him.den when he left i didnt even bother to say bye.since he cant b bothered wiv my problem,y shld i bother abt even talkg to him..RITE RITE RITE ? tt was yesterday.and then today,he called me in e say if SORRY will make me feel any betta.and den he can somemore tell me..HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING.oh wow.and the best part..he thinks i like this guy.all becoz i told him tt i think this guy likes me.hello,he likes, doesnt mean i like.hello hello hello.wheres ur damn brain? doesnt mean tt cheater ex gf of urs is like tt, it means im like tt too.

ok since he CANT B BOTHERED wiv my problem,im nt gonna be bothered wiv his.example..................

1. his stupid guitar
2. whateva stupid gigs he's gonna hv,im nt going
3. whateva stupid place he wanna go,im nt goin
4. whateva stupid things he says,im nt listening
5. whateva stupid things he does,im nt gonna gif one fuck
6. guitar
7. guitar
8. guitar
9. guitar
10. more guitars
11. and more more guitars

the conversation will go like this nx time

tim "an electrical guitar is....................."
michelle " YOUR PROBLEM "

So to all my friends : since im nt telling my CANT-BE-BOTHERED bf anymore things,u all will hv to listen to my stupid stories.AT LEAST I KNW U GUYS APPRECIATE IT.EVEN IF IT DOESNT CONCERN U.

michelle khoo

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

ok blogger revamped (looks at andrea) again.

khoo, i erased the last post because that SOMEONE you mentioned visits our blog. AND you wouldn't want her to see another post about her from you do you? cos its not the first time you posted and she saw it. so yeah. thank me. so you can thank me by giving me her blog add. hahaha!

the damn mosquitoes....


Sunday, May 09, 2004

spent the whole day at my grandma's. to 'celebrate' mother's day. i just went there to eat lunch, sleep (and all the aunties decided to come into the room i was in to talk), go for mass at holy family, went back there for dinner. and then home. somehow felt like a wasted day. oh well, at least i got to see my grandma, cousins and aunties. missed them.

so now i'm back on the comp after folding ten thousand pieces of clothing. the heap of laundry just dont want to go down. i take and take and take clothes from the basket like still the same level. !@&*#$^*&^#@(@*#&$!! and now, the left side of my neck is damn pain. i dont think its stiff neck though. maybe its throat cancer?? i think its because of my pillow la. havent been waking up feeling good.

so 2mor i have to wake up super early. its either i force myself outta bed or i lose out on getting myself an mp3. yeah la, i know what to do. haha. my sis is one lucky bitch ass!

the weather is killing me.


Saturday, May 08, 2004

ppl i saw on juice

1)my cousin
2)ryan's neighbour
3)R Y A N A N D D A P H N E !!

wat a nice pose together..
perfect couple..NOT.

ok rewind to 3 yrs ago.i juz need to type something coz im thinkg abt it n im so irritated.

when she came into the picture..and i found out,me ryan and her had a big big big started like this

me(on e fone wiv ryan) : where u going ltr ?
ryann : serangoon gardens to meet shuxiang(tts my cousin if u all didnt knw)
me : oh..ok.

awhile ltr i found out he was actually goin to HER hse.i called him,didnt ans my call.wheneva he didnt ans my call,it means he's wiv in e end i msged her.and we started arguing.and this was the reply i got


tt bitch has no diginity,nt worthy of any respect at all.after coming in between both of us,she still had e cheek to msg me tt.crazy bitch.

oh and btw,ryan's decision was...(or so he claims) " Michelle,i wanna be wiv u,its juz tt i cant break up wiv her becoz i promised marcus id treat her well"

i still rmb this day so fuckg clearly.(and nick n dee also...rmb nick???i was at ur hse cryg like a bitch..hahahhahahahahaha)

forward to present.

im glad tt all e shit is happy wiv someone 38473857453435345454657 times juz talkg abt it becoz i hate knwg tt both of them r still nt jealous.he can b wiv any other girl i dnt care.its juz daphne.stupid bitch.

Michelle khoo

Thursday, May 06, 2004




actually the picture damn blur becoz i made it's the smaller but clearer pic.

michelle khoo.

my sister is a bitch.and i closed my friendster acct.

michelle khoo.

Monday, May 03, 2004

america's next top model is o v e r!!! i am the saddest please. the three that i liked from the start were the last three standing. am i good or what. hot hot hot stuff.

today i went to meet nick, sab, ck, alfie and baby anniston! she just wanna be the most adorablest please. (bloody drool machine) my hand still smells of her. we just spent the day slacking and arcade-ing.

why do i feel so fucking helpless.


today is sunday and as usual i start feeling extremely bored after 12am. and its so fucking warm here. my bro is hogging the phone. i have no ciggs. and my mouth is itchy!

so went to church and then walked around tm with my mum. she just wanna buy for me tops from mango and all those girly stuff. cute ass la she. then came home for a short snooze and then off to kumar's. i'm glad things are ok now. its much easier this way. you know who you are.


Andrea Lim and I are HOTT. actually its just me, but a deal is a deal. hahaha!

what are you talking bout? of course i'm hott. maha!

ok i am expecting alot of comments for this entry hahaha!


Sunday, May 02, 2004

so almost everyone's out tonight. tiffy's watching a show with her bro and nick and sab are at blooie's. wonder what khoo is doing. i am bored.

think someone's visiting. this is the bravest thing i've done. well, not exactly. as i am typing, there is a gigantic moth above me. ok la, not gigantic la. but its quite big. keep looking up to get ready to run if it moves. i dont even dare to cough or clear my throat. i'm typing damn softly. hahaha.

ok i cannot tahan. i cannot sit here any longer.