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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

i have noooothing to do with my life now! i cant work, cos i've only bout 2 months more before school starts. i wake up late everyday, and laze around and before i know it its night already. then i slp in the morning and wake up again. and its the same cycle everyday. my mum called me fat!!!!!! (*#^@#*&$!^*&$#^@#(7@%*&^$@ (yes jill, go ahead.)

there's not much to do on the comp. just visit blogs, blog, check emails, check your whatever profiles that you've signed up for. other than that, what else sia. i want to install cs again! but my cd is with azillah. i cant get it back. i had fifa in my comp but i dunno what happened to it. the comp in my bro's room has got championship manager but that game sucks! so i'm stuck with spider solitaire and free cell, thank you very much.

finally i can cut my hair again. this friday at tony and guys. they better not screw up my hair!! now how should i cut it. hmmm. hair can grow, but do not mess with it! oh my god, that reminds me of nick's hair. haha so sorry bro, you know that was uncalled for. its usually alright what right? RIGHT?! haha.

i've got this pimple like thing at the end of my right ear lobe. IS HURTSSS. tiffy says i'm gonna have another mini dick. ya what. today is the day our tuffy and muffy is finally eating!! damn that pet safari guy. conned us into buying some fish flakes that they dont even eat.

ok i feel that i've talked quite a bit. everything outta point. haha. just felt like blogging. ok bye bye bye.


im fuckg tempted to post 2 photos up.whaahhahahawahhahaahwahhahawahahaha.


Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Early in the morning I put breakfast at your table
And make sure that your coffee has it's sugar and cream
Your eggs are over easy, your toast done lightly
All that's missing is your morning kiss that used to greet me
Now you say your juice is sour, it used to be so sweet
And I can't help but to wonder if you're talking about me
We don't talk the way we used to talk, it's hurting me so deep
I got my pride, I will not cry
But it's making me weak

I'm not your superwoman
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down
And think that everythings OK
Boy I am only human
This girl needs more than occasional
Hugs as a token of love from you to me

I fought my way through the rush hour trying to make it home just for you
I want to make sure that your dinner will be waiting for you
But when you get there you just tell me you're not hungry at all
You said you'd rather read the paper and you don't want to talk
You're like to think that I'm just crazy when I say that you've changed
I'm convinced I know the problem, you don't love me the same
You're just going through the motions and you're not being fair
I got my pride, I will not cry
Still I can't help but care

perfect song.

anyways,abt wat yip said........pls slap urself a thousand times yip.sam,i put ur photo on msn becoz i wanted to irritate u..nt becoz i wanted to see ur face.(ur cheeks so fat..where got nice to see??)sam slap urself a thousand times if u believe their shit..i almost died today ok.when we were at bugis..they disturb me abt u non stop can.even e t-shirt i was wearing kena frm them.they say wat the shirt looks like e type ud wear.n blah blah irritating.sam juz slap them for me.


its 8.15am and i've not taken one wink yet! i am so fucking tired but i just cannot get to sleep! bah. wanna how irritating sia. now i'm contemplating if i should stay awake till its time to meet the rest or just go to sleep and wake up at one. and hopefully i wont sleep in and not hear the alarm at all. so so so?

ok yes. bout khoo and samm. yes, our dear ah yoke is lesbian. yup yup. she likes samm. double yup yup. the other night on conference she was going on and on bout how pretty samm is. she even went to look for a picture of samm and put it up in her display picture to pass off as samm. that's how bad it is. khoo even fantasizes bout samm. and last night when we told her that we're gonna tell samm not to go for her, she went 'oiiii.' she was very very sad. its ok ah yoke, got many other girls out there. yup yup.

p/s: oh samm, yeah sorry we failed to tell you earlier, khoo begged us not to. please dont start avoiding her cos it will hurt her feelings.

MAHAHAHA ten thousand ok.


they all think i like samantha lo.haha..siao ah....haha...all i said was..sam very pretty...and they fuckg think im lesbian.omg omg omg.sam,if u see this..u knw tt its nt true!! its nt god damn true at all.omg..ull b a fool if u believe them.big big fool.and im blogging abt this..becoz yip is gonna blog abt it..n i juz wanna let u knw wats goin on 1st.and wat they say is nt true

michelle khoo.

for me, there's not much to blog about these days. cos my days are so bloody short. tanning today, was not possible due to some unforseen circumstances. expected actually. i have been eating and eating and eating can! bah. i am getting fatter by the day. its either i eat or i smoke. so which one do i pick? both has got harmful effects on ya. haha. just a matter of how much more harmful.

ricco ricco. you want to be how sweet ah. i swear i can just suffocate you with a hug. i will let my mum know bout our indo expedition ok! haha. if she gives me the green light, i will be the most excited can! you are missed not only by me but by all of us. constantly. love love.


Monday, March 29, 2004

just testing this shit out..see if it wrks.


hhaha...i put up more photos at e bottom..haha....ok nw does anybody knw hw to put up photos at e side..and it goes all they way dwn ?? if anybody knws pls pls pls teach me....

go d/l this song..the closer i get to u by beyonce.


wah lau.i feel like fuck.fuck fuck fuck n more fuck.argh!!!

Did you see the shiny moon?
Turned into a black balloon
Just as you walked away from me


Sunday, March 28, 2004

had a damn gd slp last nite...frm 3 am to 3 pm today.shiok.12 hrs...cld hv slept longer..but my dad woke me up for lunch.!@#$%^&*(&^%

last nite everyone was at cks place...although there were only 6 of us.we had fun.they all got to hear e live version of unbreak my heart.hahahaaa

d/l this song - if i aint got u by alicia keys.

mich khoo

yet another late sleepless night. time check, 4.23am. got back from ck's bout an hour plus ago. yummy yummy food. and a plastic bag full of chocs from ck and sab. karaoke session after dinner. khoo just want to break all the plastic and glass objects around ok. my specs cracked by her oh so angelic voice. NOT EVEN. fainted die ok. she's american idol untalented material. after sam left, it was down to me, sab and ck. dug up the past. talked, smoked and ate. again.

i should hit the sacks. oh wait, i've not showered yet. bah. just the laziest please. i shall play the guitar for a while. then bathe. then eat some chocolates. and then i should really try to get some sleep. church 2mor in the morning. bah. ok sorry jesus.

||* i promise i will.


Saturday, March 27, 2004

its 5.41pm. i woke up at bout 5 and jill is still slping in my room. i am gonna get sick can. tonight, all of us will be at ck's. celebrating anniston's first bday. i think the actual day is 1st april? no kid. (and now she just woke up, you should see her hair.) but we love baby anniston all the same!

today is also KC's family day. thank heavens i'm not bothered to go for that shit cos i would have bumped into some whores. when i woke up, i had a missed call from babes. i thought she didnt bring the keys with her or smth and has been waiting somewhere all afternoon. when i called her, she said.
gen: 'oh, nothing la. i just wanted to tell you that i saw shar and eddy in school today.'
me: 'and then.'
gen: 'she smiled at me.'
me: 'and then?'
gen: 'i just blinked and looked away.'
me: 'haha! alright man babes.'
my sis is just the major bitch okayyyy. hahaha!

we were at monks last night. and last night was... alright i guess? surprisingly monks played a couple of new songs can. ok nick will be surprised. they played tipsy and yeah. and, oh wait i think that's it. haha i cant rmbr la.

||* dont worry, i wont.


omg i hate bein stuck at hm on a friday nite.its bloody borin.

im bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored.

i hv nthg to do.omg..n i cant fall whole body clock is upside dwn.i usually slp at 6am everyday.n its only 2 nw.omg 4 more hrs to go.bahhhh.

michelle k.

Friday, March 26, 2004

omg i juz hafta post something.i dnt knw since when my name became KHOO.omg omg name is nt khoo or khoo khoo or wateva shit name is can everyone pls pls pls pls stop callg me KHOO.


"We will be friends until forever, just you wait see" - pooh bear.

for all my darlin friends out dere...yip, nick, sam, dee, sab, u guyz.

michelle khoo.

haha.spent another whole day wiv tim.haa...shiok.

sch for me starts on 3rd may.kan ni na bei chao chee bye fuckg hell shit bitch ass whore phua turtle.2 days before my bday.stupid RP.tim has 1 friend who's in RP.and he told tim tt for rp..when other poly hvg holidays...they hv exams..and when rp has exams..e rest of e polys are holiday-ing..hw fuck up is tt...VERY FUCKED UP.Pls pls pls tell me all u TP asses tt u start sch on 3rd may also.

and i hv a fridae account.haha..question for all of u all to tink abt..AM I TURNIN LESBIAN?.tell me yes or no.hahaha.

michelle khoo

Thursday, March 25, 2004

i am waiting for my sis to come out of the shower and my dad to come home and my mum to get off her butt. all so that we can go for dinner. but they are taking ten thousand years. so i will blog to pass time. i am moody because there is no nicotine in my body. i have not had a cig today. which is good, and bad. cos i am MOODY.

though, there's this song that is downloaded into my head.

imagine me and you, and you and me. No matter how they toss the dice, we're meant to be. the only one for me is you, and you for me, so happy togetherrrr. I CANT SEE ME LOVING NOBODY BUT YOU FOR ALL MY LI-FE!!!

everybody sing alooong!

happy happy song! moody moody yipster. =|


I would have given you all of my heart
But there's someone who's torn it apart
And he's taken just all that I had
But if you want I'll try to love again
Baby, I'll try to love again but I know

The first cut is the deepest
Baby I know the first cut is the deepest
But when it comes to being lucky he's cursed
When it comes to loving me he's worst

michelle khoo


you know, actually. i cant say much bout your blog's entry for tuesday, march 23rd. whatever you said bout me may be true. but one thing i know for sure. there are three things on the list (alone), you beat me to it.

Yip is fat. -- JILL SEAH YOU ARE WAY WAY MORE FATTER THAN ME. (if you want, you can blame it on your thunder thighs.)
Yip is short. -- GO AHEAD AND LOOK DOWN AT YOUR TOES. DOESN'T SEEM VERY FAR DOES IT? (or you can also blame it on your SHORT STUMPY LEGS.)

you can smell your feet by just tilting your head bout, say, just 10.5 degrees?
if you've no idea who jill is, just go catch x-men out. you can take your pick from there.

dig this, sucker.

yours sincerely,

spent the whole day with kums and nick. and then was joined by ck and sam. kumar cancelled a few of his afternoon tuitions just to spend it with us. we played pool, arcade, and CS BABY. but please, dont ever play at bedok's funland. the comps wanna how irritating.

so tiffy gave her blog an extreme make over. be careful girl, now you're sharing it with leona. haha. and i am not like her. i reckon she's worse than me please. i thought i did a pretty good job on my blog. but ok, i admit, your's nicer can. bah. ok i didnt say that.

i am not feeling gooood. bleah.

||* even let you hold the remote control.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

omg paula abdul wears e nicest stuff in e world.i love her black jacket on today's episode of american idol.

mich khoo

bored like hell.

mich khoo

another wonderful day for me.haha.

4.30pm wake up
6.45pm go tim's hse
7.15pm eat at his hse
10.15pm go home
11.15pm fell aslp
1.15 am woke up
2.00am switch on e comp
2.15 am present time.

i wonder wat time im gonna slp tonite again.argh.hate this.

i hv plans for tmr.but i dnt knw if i shld go.
wat IF something happens...
wat if, wat if, wat if, wat if..
its driving me mad

michelle khoo **** ***

do you know what's going on in my life? do you know the address to this blog? do you even know that i got one? do you know me and bro are slightly better? do you know what has been on my mind? do you know my mum went for an op? do you know i got new shoes? do you know i'm gonna quit smoking?

do you? you used to. but you dont. the simplest things, you would know of. and now its like you dont even care. another aimless talk with you. shooting of thoughts and feelings at each other. i hope this is not yet another one of those episodes where i anticipate disappoinment. please prove me wrong this time.


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

argh!!im awake at 420pm when i slept at 7am yesterday.actually..7am today..haha...been leadg this screw up slpg time lifestyle eva since Os ended.

raining cat n dogs cant go ova to tim's hse.bleahhh

and whoeva reads this.d/l this song - gd morning baby by bic runga.its frm e soundtrack of cruel intentions.fantabulous song.
if uve d/led e song i juz told u to..n u find it nice...mayb u might wan to d/l another song by bic runga.e title of e song is - sway...this one is from e soundtrack of american pie.

these 2 songs damn nice to make out.i swear..

michelle khoo...

its 5.15am n i still cant slp.argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mich khoo

e last post frm yip was e sweetest thing yip said to me in 102948257279548027 yrs.she finally realised tt she actually does love u too fuck faceee.

today stayed home e whole day.damn shiok...slept until 5 plus.wake up only my baby came...spent e whole day togetherrrr.he's damn sweet.

re enactment

baby: wanna c magic?
me: ok!!!
baby:look under e blanket
me: *pull up e blanket a bit
baby: got cockroach
me: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
baby: bluff u la.see wats underneath
me: *lift e blanket up n saw a sun flower sweet bf in e world!!!!

I cld stay awake juz to hear u breathg
Watch u smile while u r sleepg
While u're far away dreamg
I cld spend my life in tis sweet surrender
I cld stay lost in tis moment foreva
Where every moment spent with u is a moment I treasure

mich khoo.

i'm quite affected by the fact that michelle khoo yoke lin is not gonna be in the same school as me anymore. i'm seriously gonna miss the fuck face. no more wolverine fights. no more monstrous, horrible smelling burps. no more farts. no more dissing the fuck outta each other. no more cutting the line together. no more laughing and making fun of pangster and the other shitheads in sch. no more laughing at adeline, 'yup-yup' or shafina. no more on how she raped shufen. no more talks on sex in sch. no more slping together in class. no more drawing on each others' worksheet or deliberately knocking into each others' elbows while writing. no more marker/liquid paper fights. no more throwing chalk at ppl in class. no more punching. no more soccer during pe. no more shooting ice at ppl we dont know and looking away. no more squeezing out of blackheads during class. no more no more no more.

god knows what kinda fuck things we did/do. only khoo and i will know the feeling of pain in our abdominal area from laughing too hard. i'm gonna miss you. from seeing you almost every single day, to like once a week, its gonna take some getting use to. together in those fuck times, we'll stay together always. promise me ok? you fucking fat fuck. *winks.


Monday, March 22, 2004

today was a rather fulfiling day. at least i did something productive instead of carrying on with my usual daily schedule. i cleared and cleaned up my room. stitched up my 3/4 filled leaking mogu. throwed away some books.

i cleared my room. big time man. i was shocked by the amount of dust. all i had to do was pull my bed out. god knows what has been there. so i wiped out all that thick dust from everywhere, behind my books, in between my shelves, everywhere la. cleared all the shit from the upper bunk, sent them to wash. used my mum's darling rainbow vacuum cleaner and sucked the dust outta the pillows and all those junks i've got in bed. ok things i found behind my bed. stuff toys. beanie babies. a cap. a t-shirt. school badges. socks. and coins totalling up to about $2.10. not bad huh. haha. and i finally cleared my books. was keeping them in case i had to sit for exams again. but i kissed em goodbye today. well, some of em. my mum insisted to keep the textbooks. the mess i made while cleaning up? could barely walk around in my room. my mum was surprised, said its the first time i obeyed her orders so quickly. she told me yesterday, i did it today. i usually delay and delay till she yells and gets all worked up. my dad came home and said, what's going on. haha he couldn't believe it. my reward for clearing up: chocolate pearl. ahh, bubble tea. its been a while.

you are draining the faith we have in you. we're almost dry. i think i'm really gonna fuck it this time.


Sunday, March 21, 2004

it's as if i've been awake for a few hours only. actually, yeah. haha. my days have been so short ever since i stopped work. waking up at the wrong times.

i left the house in jeans and returned in less than 2 hours. evening mass for me, together with sarah, nick, sann, my sis and tiffy. i didnt pay attention, what's new right? haha. i've got this big big pimple on my nose. and its fucking pain! my sister called me rudolph. is it that red? god. pain pain pain.

my cousins reno and dino are over. amazingly i am not outside running around playing soccer. i am quite surprised actually, they will usually beg me and my sister to get off our butts and play. reno took a bath after his hair cut. ran outta the toilet, pulled off his towel and started dancing. it was almost like grinding. haha. and then i asked him, 'didi, dance for me again.' and guess what he said. with his short tongue, 'cannot, i must be naked.' fainted die. he is only primary 3. tsk tsk.


i swear MY GIRL is e best show in e world.go watch it.thai show.damn lap sup..but ull laugh till u die.e kids r so fuckg cute.

michelle khoo

went to the movies with my mum. caught dirty dancing. oh my god go catch it guys. its damnnn good. wanna how sexy all. and now i am in love with diego, the guy from dirty dancing. he just wanna how cute ah. my sis was shocked and said, 'b-but, you're a butch..' maha. ok now khoo will go, its a sign its a sign!

and so you finally called. i was surprised. i'm just not gonna care seriously. i'm too tired. getting my hopes high, and then getting disappointed again. its like some cycle for you. you told me to msg you later but i am not going to. not because i forgot or i'm too busy but because i dont want to. let's see when you realise what you did that i am pissed bout. i hope you're happy anyway.

tannia and amanda: i'm going to tp. info management. happy not? haha. meet up this week?


Saturday, March 20, 2004

oh my god. khoo is all the way in republic. this is not good. so far away! grrr.

last night at nick's. i'm still feeling tired please. slept at bout 5 and woke up 4 plus today. went swimming and got shit from the security guard. its funny how everyone rushed out of the water all at the same time when ck said she saw someone. splash splash splah all. no la not obvious not obvious. we had alot of fun la really. just everyone all together at the same time and at the same place.

and i wont give two shits bout you no more.


im in biomedical sciences.republic friends.

michelle khoo.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Take the Girlfriend Quiz at!

mich khoo

Some say love it is a river
That drowns the tender reed.
Some say love it is a razor
That leaves the soul to bleed.

Some say love it is a hunger
An endless, aching need
I say love it is a flower,
And you it's only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance

It's the one who won't be taken,
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying
That never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long.
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong.

Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun's love,
In the spring, becomes the rose.

mich khoo

Thursday, March 18, 2004

so yip is rite after all!!!!!it was nick n sam!!!! u all nthg betta to do ah..muz punk us.haha..

had a wonderful time wiv my darlinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg timothyyyy today.hahaaaaa.

oh,n HAPPY BURFDAY CK.we're gonna hv a party....we're gonna hv a party......cant wait.haha...

nw 98.7 got some good house music.reminds me of e most retarded place.mad monks.hahaaaa.those were e days.hahaaaa

my stomach hurts.arghhh.

michelle khoo.

happy birthday ck

our dear ck is 19. soon she'll be able to buy an apartment and put it under her name.

i am home. finally i get to slp in and just lac suah on the couch and not rush off to anywhere. (sorry khoo, i couldn't hear my phone.) spent the night at fisherman's. it wasn't too bad la. so 2mor's plans. pet farm and ck's bday at nick's. it has been how long since we crashed the room downstairs. oh those days.

i'm not feeling too good. i dunno what it is. is it just me?


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

But there's a danger in loving somebody too much
And its sad when you know its your heart you can't trust
There's a reason why people don't stay where they are
Baby sometimes love just ain't enough

michelle khoo

my iq is below average to average.bahhhhhhhhhhh.

wrk suxs.i swear.

finally meetg tim tmr.yay.

yip bought 2 fishes fuckg cute.

i havent bathe.goin to bathe nw.

michelle khoo

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

over and done with.

and so all 90 stalls in the east and central area have been covered. finally. and now, money money money. and, find another job. bah.

tuffy and muffy. know who those two are? my kids! haha. they're fat. they're tiny. they're the size of my fingernails. they're cute. they're dwarf puffer fishes! wanna howowowow cute! the one with the more orange-y tail is tuffy. the other one's muffy. dont ask me why those names cos tiffy thought of em. the'll be staying at tiffy's. so tiiifiiiniii. their fragile lives are in your hands. i want more more more fishes!


Monday, March 15, 2004

just got back. the day wasn't too bad. we were at little india. no offence, but the smell was.. bah. oh well. went for an interview in some cock shop in heeren. i think its so outta point for me. everything in the shop is for girls can. heels. skirts. tops. bah. (khoo would go, 'its a sign its a sign!') i'm having second thoughts now. firstly. so outta point like said. secondly. i'd have no life pls. no more meeting tiffy or the rest. ay ay ay dont work suah ok.



i wanna b 17 too.fuckkkkk.

michelle khooooo.

Happy Birthday Hui. finally 17 muther fucker.

i'm how tired. seriously. i just opened an email from tiffy which woke me up. and i was eating my breakfast just before that. yeap, you guys will know what i mean. just dont eat before or while viewing it. you can eat after. if you can la. maha. off to work soon.

hmm. khoo. is it just me or there are two more beings trying to diss us in our own tag board? well well. we just got it up and you already tagged. that shows how often you visit our blog. if you'd like to try, we can get a comment box up so you guys can leave longer comments. hey wait a minute. i did tell you to try harder the last time didnt i? if you can't do any better, stop wasting my time and fuck off.


don't worry. everything will go smoothly. i will be right there with you.

you will be perfectly fine.


Sunday, March 14, 2004

hv u guys seen sam's MSN nick?? haha....for those of u who hv nt.....its's VIRGINITY IS NT DIGINITY,ITS LACK OF OPPORTUNITY.someone,pls,juz slap her.hahaaaaa.

i went to church,but didnt go for communion.wonder-fuckin-ful.thx to some devils who walked right out of church juz b4 communion.bahhhhh.

mum juz came back frm holiday.bought a nice top for me.but she bought M.too big.argh!

michhhhhhhhhhhhhh khooooo.

hahaha..nw our blog is more famous than the three monekeys' blog.hahaha....this is what happens when u dnt share ur blog wiv michelle yip n michelle khoo.we make our own blog.n make it famous.hahaha.

was at chinatown today.e mrt station wan to hw chinese??

today's me n milf 1 mth.

and yip,wth is a three fold utopian dream?

michelle khooooooo.

i have hoow many things to blog bout pls!

ok first off. zouk on thursday night was wikkid. but there were some incidents that made it crappy. which i will not start on, i will never stop. the music was great though.

yesterday. was in town with nick and jill on the job and then sab joined us. *ahem. I GOT MY SHOES! woohoo! wanna how happy! all thanks to nick for lending me the cash. ok the story. it was the very last pair and i could not reserve it. jill and nick didnt have enough to lend me and so i called kumar. no cash too. i called the whole world la ok! i was desperate. and i mean desperate. how desperate? try this. the thought of turning to sharline koh even crossed my mind. yeah, altogether 'gasp'. wa mai ok. nothing in this world will make me desperate enough to call her pls. dont even want! nick, sab and jill witnessed my desperation. thanks for going all out to help me get my shoes. appreciate it. and so, i got my shoes!!
And last night. helluva night at elias green. it was fun for me, but it was freaky too. soo many things happened. leona just wanna freak me out please. following orders, i went where ever she went. wanna how scary please.

to someone. if she even bothers visiting my blog. what is getting into you? no, seriously. what is happening to you? you dont give two shits. it hurts to have to say all this but its getting outta hand. you're turning whatever beauty that's left of us into lip service. please snap outta it. cos you'll lose me in the end. and i dont want that to happen.

||* girl, i'm learning to love you.


Saturday, March 13, 2004

im fuckg dead meat.argh!!

mich khoo.

Friday, March 12, 2004

i put up e tag board so all u suckers can tag.haha

mich khoo

woohoo. look at the blog. yeap, yip is no longer computer-dumb. haha. nice nice nice. i bet the 3monkeys will ask me to teach them now. maha. credits go to mal la she taught me. so. today will be work for me again. then in the evening down to elias green for tiffy, sann, sarah and leona's bbq. i can see kumar today!! miss that muther fucker. swear he's the best tutor in the world. i cant find one person that doesn't like him? i'm serious.

||* something's wrong isn't it.


Thursday, March 11, 2004

i swear the rain is a pain in the ass. all ready and good to go, it just had to start raining. see, even god thinks i shouldn't work. heh.

tonight tonight tonight! grrr nick maybe you shouldn't have told me! hip hop party at zouk, ONLY FOR TWO BUCKEROOOOS! its a good deal plus good shit balls. should i go should i go should i go??? damn bam alaka zam. i have the whole day to contemplate on it. bah.

rain rain go away.



when is all this walking and cycling and mashashas gonna end. its draining every drip of energy that's left in me. and i've hardly much time to recharge cos i dont usually slp so early. not that i dont want to but i just cant help it. my bio clock has gone all wrong.

Mr Horlicks: 'hello world.'
meet my new friend mr horlicks. he came through the mail in a silver ziplock-envelope. yeap. the navy sent him to me i have no idea why. he was in small bijit bijit pieces but he's a warrior/soldier/fighting machine now!

work work work work work. s u c k s.


i juz realised tt we've got a new blog skin !!!!!!!!!! but since when i was e slave?fuck u okkkkk yip.u betta change tt.b4 i change it to something worst.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

my computer can on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michelle khoo.

i will never touch a bicycle ever again.

wanna how tired sia. today, nick, khoo and i cycled all over spore please. ok well not exactly. from pasir ris to tampines, ten thousand circles in tampines then back to pasir ris again. and now, i am left with numb wobbly legs. eyes that can hardly open. a sore back and stiff shoulders. the nest part is, we have more than a hundred more outlets to cover! woohoo. fainted die. nick and khoo fell today. haha. nick not so bad la but khoo just wanna pick the nicest place to fall down at. at a crowded coffee shop in some ulu part of tampines. wanna how funny sia. so i'll have to drag myself outta bed by 10 2mor morning for yet another wonderful day. =/

||* i'm getting a lil worried.


Monday, March 08, 2004

im fuckg irritated again !!!!!! yes again.this blog is e perfect place to complain.coz no1 will interrupt.

1st reason y im irritated..first vanessa khoo dropped my whole lap top.fuckg internet card broke.every nite when i wan to use msn i hafta go downstairs.n i hate my hse downstairs.den today guess wat?!?!?!she spoiled the computer downstairs!!!!!!!!!well done.tts nt e best part..i asked pearlyne if i can d/l msn into her lap top..n she said no i asked my father if i can dl msn inbto his lap top.n he also said cannot coz he needs it to do his wrk.ok tt is reasonable.but pearlyne is fuckg retarded.its nt like msn takes but 10000000000000 MB rite.argh!!!!!!!!!!!!so e summary of e story is..I HV NO FUCKG MSN NW.

2nd reason y im so irritated.the fuckg god damn rain wnt stop!!!!!i hv wrk to do n the fuckg rain wnt stop.argh!!!!!!!!i cant even go out coz its bloody raing so heavily...

last nite ryan did me a fuckg big favour.he drove me n yip ard to some of e 7 11s.but actualy,it didnt help much coz we were all in a bad mood.cldnt fuckg find all e places.after dropping yip off,he drove to e airport dere n we had a fuckg long talk abt us.ok tt was all for last nite.e experience was gd shit.

"THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE NV DID RUN SMOOTH." - Shakespear's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
i think shakespear really made a lot of sense.

michhh khoooooooo.

its a cold rainy monday afternoon. even with someone driving us around, it's still so damn difficult to get to the places. we need h e l p. i'm dead beat from last night's work and i've still got a whole basket full of fresh clothes to fold. and then i'm off to work again. i'm so lazy to do anything. and i've got/want to do soo many things. i hate the blogskin but got no time to surf around for a nice one. i want to go out but gotta complete the work. i wanna go shopping but i dont have the money. which makes work more important cos of the cash flow. bah. how how how.

last night me and nick figured out and completed the whole nemo game. (*ooh bubbles bubbles bubbles! maha) wanna how easy ah. its been a while since i went to her place. i miss chewy can. that girl is just one of the cutest things ok.

clothes, here i come =|


at nick's right now. decided to crash here while waiting for ryan rod. yes, you heard it right. ryan rodrigues the oh-so-famous-one. well he has a car, and that beats having to ride around singapore on a bike, contantly having to look behind my shoulder to see if khoo is alright.

i'm how tired and yet i still gotta go out and do the damn thing. what khoo's mum calls it, PRIVATE Is bodoh. hahaha cute la she.

nick and i wanted to try and improve the blog. but giving her the password and username is a lil too risky and outta this world. she'll prolly crash our blog and start blogging for us.

||* it's a lil scary, but its ok.


Saturday, March 06, 2004

im irritated.argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mich khoooooooooooooooooooo.

ok khoo. let's just make do with this blogskin for the mean time ok.

let's see. yesterday was a looong day. so we're finally selected for the mystery shopper thing. so we are given bout two weeks to cover 90 stalls in the east and central area. how cool is that? NOT EVEN cool ok. the only thing i'm looking forward to is my nike high dunks! woohoo. after settling all those stuff with the company, khoo and i headed back to her house where we over slept till bout 8.45pm. A lil bit of rushing here and there, we finally met the rest at simpang. they bought beer from 7-11. then played spotters. then i puked. yes, yes. yip cant drink. and when i was feeling a lil more sober, we were in a mood to sing songs! haha. it was quite fun la huh guys.After that karaoke session. i made my way to tiffy's place. the first and prolly the last time. wanna how scary sia! its worse than mission impossible please. but i reckon i'm better than tom cruise. we spent the whole night talking bout stupid and wierd things. but it was like, heart to heart talks? i dunno, that's what it felt to me. fucking helluva night sneaking around, but it was worth it.

SO. tonight. family chalet at east coast costa sands. i managed to escape from staying over cos of work. maha. prolly gonna be a fun day la. unless my bloody aunt decides to play pictionary. wa mai ok. but on the brighter side, soccer with my cousins!

||* your fingertips on mine.


Thursday, March 04, 2004

and so i just got back from a wasted trip all the way to and from shaw towers. wanna how tired sia. now that i am paying adult fare, going that far makes me think twice. i dont even know when i start work. i dont even know if i'll be selected yet! wanna how irritating sia. i'm getting the hang of it. well, i managed to successfully change the blogskin. finally. but why the hell did they make blogging so difficult and confusing! soo many things to go through just to change your skin. and what more just to add links and all that shit.

2mor's a friday. what are we going to do. apparently i am broke and i feel like going clubbing. how how how. and i wanna buy hooow many things sia. i saw a brown pair of nike high dunks at leftfoot. wanna how nice pls! the price even nicer can. hopefully i can save up enough money in time before the nike air force fashion becomes totally passe. i'm getting it anyhow!


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

oh my god yip what did you just do. ok khoo, i need lessons.


oh, look. only two days into having a blog and we are so famous already. anonymous. hmm nice name. i think putting your real name be a better idea. no, wait. 'Loser' wouldn't be nice, would it? just stick to your anonymous. you wouldn't wanna be known for such silly acts and cheap thrills. oh sorry, you wouldn't wanna blow your cover and have your ego blown outta proportion now would you?

Try harder yeah?


today was a good day. finally all 8 of us at the same place, at the same time. managed to get a group picture as well. spent some time playing cs, and then was off to ck's to play with ANNISTON! wanna how cute please! its like baby ck with hands covered in saliva. from handphones to bangles to shagbands and specs, all goes into her hands and into her, mouth. oh! i've got work 2mor! a job from kelly services. i'm a mystery shopper bodoh. at least i can have the pleasure of spending a lil money. i hope? i wanna go shopping. but i have no money. and the increased price of tobacco aint helping. quit smoking la guys.

||* i am tired.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

sam said tt a famous model ask her to show her ard spore.haha.i told her it might b a man who wants to rape her.haha.

nick said tt she wnt even visit our blog.but she did.loser.

all tt was e 1 day in 365 days tt all of us got finally rite..we took a grp photo(thx to MINE camera) finally rite.

on e way back in e cab,they made up something stupid.

khoo open up her leg
coz she wan to fake
baby baby she wan to make
milf sure wan to take
together they can bake
but surely nt a cake

got somemore to it.but i forgot.

mich khoo.

im fuckg god damn piss.bleahhhhhhhhhhhh.

mich khoo.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Attention. this is Yip's first time blogging! woohoo! sam,sab and nick. the three motherfuckers who refuse to let me and khoo blog at their blog. WE GOT OUR OWN BLOG NOW! actually, i feel damn swa gu. ok moving on. i think it's gonna be a tough one, yip and khoo sharing a blog. she likes pink stuff and all that shit. and she doesn't like what i like. she has already started threatening me using the blog. 'i will put a cheebye barbie doll blog skin ah!' fainted die. and so, results are finally out. the anxiety was a killer i swear. but thank god i pulled through, quite amazingly. fuck all you clever bastards out there. (that includes you michelle khoo yoke lin) ok khoo is gonna kill me for that, right ah yoke? ok, first time blogging, so it'll be a loooong entry. (that's what its called, right?)

what i did today. i slept at 3 or 4 in the morning yesterday and got up at 7.30am. just to go to tp to register for the damn jae thing. wanna how stressful sia. its all damn messed up i swear! after that was prata with dee and ah yoke and another of dee's friend, who's name i forgot. and then off to tiffy's place. showered riki and watched urban legends final cut. and then back home for a nap and more naggings. i need to get a job.

||* i like the way you're getting out of your shell.
*winks. HAHA!

round of applause for yippy.